Used W-Beam Guardrail

“Time-Tested Strength. Unwavering Durability.”

W-Beam Guardrail: The Workhorse of Roadside Safety

For decades, W-Beam Guardrail, has long been the undisputed workhorse of roadside highway safety. The DOT’s have called it, “W-Beam Guardrail Panel” – which comes from the beam’s cross-section profile.

It’s for good reasons that guardrail has earned a solid reputation for resilience and ruggedness. This is because our Federal, State, County and even municipal governments have found highway guardrail to be a “launch and leave” or “fire and forget” solution for traffic safety. In those unique situations where we can install used highway guardrail for agricultural purposes – the new owners/installers experience the same powerful benefits: We can walk away trusting that our steel will be where it was put, doing what it does best, ‘on guard’ – for many decades to come.

What other products can we invest our limited resources in, today – where we would not be surprised to find it in the same condition, faithfully doing the same job we put it there to do – one hundred years later? ß That is a short list.

We’re thrilled to put used highway guardrail into the hands of the common man. Would you consider letting us partner up with you to do so? Many of us have experienced how this steel is THE perfect solution for fences, corrals, chutes and feed bunks. It makes us happy to offer to our friends and neighbors across our great nation: The ultimate, on-point answer for fencing for heavy bodied livestock.

Choose Your Fit:

  • Long Panel – 26 ft
  • Short Panel – 13’6″

Used Guardrail’s Power Beyond the Road:

Used W-Beam Guardrail is made of mild steel with a thick, galvanized, super-corrosive resistant coating, making it super-useful for:

  • Feed Bunks: Build the ultimate long-lasting feed bunks for your livestock. Used Guardrail’s durability stands up to the wear and tear from daily use by heavy, hungry animals.
  • Corrals: One of the most widely used missions of used highway guardrail is to build corrals, feed lot fencing and windbreaks.
    • Speed & Ease of Installation: The installation of used highway guardrail panels is super simple. It goes up very fast – often covering 25 feet in length per one panel’s span.
    • Calmer Livestock: Used highway guardrail significantly reduces the tendency for animals to be spooked from movement, activity and other distractions on the other side of the panels. Calmer animals means less potential for them to damage the herd, your investment in your facility, and your handlers near the cattle.
    • Smoother Flow: You know how important it is to keep cattle moving through your facilities, smoothly. Building chutes and containment areas with used highway guardrail panel provides your animals with an exceptionally rugged, durable and rounded smooth surface where they can be effectively contained when crowding occurs in tight &/or high-stress situations.
    • Additional Benefits:
      • Used guardrail offers a mild reflectivity, providing visual feedback for cattle in low light.
      • Handlers comment on how – when they need to blast over a pen in a split-second, the natural gaps and spaces offered by a commonly used guardrail fence wall installation gives them a fighting chance to get out of that rowdy cow’s way.
  • Other Common Applications:
    • Alley-Ways
    • Chutes
    • Windbreaks
    • Line Fencing
    • Loading Areas
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